SOLD OUT - Thrash It Don't Stash It Motorcycle Book Vol I

SOLD OUT - Thrash It Don't Stash It Motorcycle Book Vol I

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Thrash It Don’t Stash It is a unique collection of motorcycles and some of their owners. It is a tribute to the riders, the builders and most important, the bikes. The photos document the diversity of motorcycles being built these days in Europe and the customization and personality that goes into each one.

I have photographed over 400 bikes for this project at 12 different events. I didn't want to leave anyone out and sure didn't want to sacrifice the quality of the book/paper to squeeze everyone in. With top quality 200 gr paper from Germany the book would have been 7cm (3") think and weigh 3.5 kilos (8 lbs) So I decided to do 2 volumes so there is room for everyone and not cut quality.

Volume I will be shipped out within the week of ordering and we are working on Volume II to have it ready for spring 2018.


Jokers Show - Sweden

Linkert Attack - UK

The Trip Out - UK

Fuckerfest -Sweden


Format: 31.5 cm x 22.5 cm  or 12.4" x 8.8"  - Landscape Format


*Attached photo's are temporary mock-up images.


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